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Students 'Get the Code' on their first day of school

August 17, 2017 - Points of Pride

Code? What code? What's all the buzz about? The Student Code of Conduct, of course. Check it out. Get the latest on what rights students have and what's expected of their behavior for Hillsborough County Public Schools (HCPS).

Families are encouraged to read and discuss the Student Code of Conduct together and then return a signed Acknowledgement Form to their school. The code can be found in the first day of school packet, on the district website, school websites, mySpot Parent Hub, and Edsby.

Why is it so important to "Get the Code?" Safety is an important district core value and the Student Code of Conduct is a framework of set standards that makes sure students have a safe environment that's conducive to learning.

Is the Student Code of Conduct new? No, but the way it's presented is different. Rather than being available in PDF version on the district website under the title "Student Handbook," the information has transitioned from PDF to web pages and the "Student Handbook" is no longer a link. The Student Code of Conduct and all other district information is housed on web pages, which makes it easier to find using a navigation menu and search box and is translatable into multiple languages using Google Translate.

HCPS strives to create an easy, equitable, hassle free, cost effective process to communicate district information for its families. This eco-friendly transition to web pages eliminated the need to produce and print more than 200,000 copies of the "Student Handbook," which resulted in great savings.

Real-time translation, ease of use, cost savings, mobile-friendly and up-to-date information are some of the ways HCPS is constantly working to improve how it communicates and builds upon its culture and relationship with students, families, the community and employees.

To learn more about the Student Code of Conduct, visit