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Image for HCPS School Bus Drivers & Staff Prepare to Help Hurricane Irma Evacuees
HCPS School Bus Drivers Fuel Up to prepare for Hurricane Irma

HCPS School Bus Drivers & Staff Prepare to Help Hurricane Irma Evacuees

September 06, 2017 - Points of Pride

Hillsborough County Public Schools (HCPS) Transportation Department makes preparations to support our county governmental agencies in transporting residents in evacuation zones, as Governor Scott urges Florida residents to plan and prepare for Hurricane Irma. 

People will need help and a group of our local school bus drivers are currently signed-up to do just that. Department staff, including our school bus operators are preparing to provide assistance to keep residents in evacuation zones safe - in addition to securing facilities and protecting school district assets.

Once the Emergency Operation Center (EOC) is activated, a dedicated transportation services staff member is assigned to the EOC for the duration of the crisis.

HCPS supports our agencies by transporting residents from evacuation zones that HART buses may not be able to reach. The main function is to transport vulnerable residents once an evacuation order is declared and when directed by the Hillsborough County EOC. 

According to Jamie Warrington, transportation department manager of safety and training, "Events like this represents the school district commitment to keeping our community safe."

Year-round transportation services participates in various emergency response workshops and drills to support similar medical emergencies and review proper evacuation procedures such as the Mass Causality Drill in partnership with County and Municipal Police and Fire Rescue agencies and the Emergency Response Procedures Review Workshop.

To learn more about evacuation shelters available in Hillsborough County view the following:

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