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State and School honor Shields Middle Reading Teacher

September 29, 2017 - Employee Excellence

Reading Teacher. It’s Angela Sabala’s title at Shields Middle School, but it’s also her passion: passing on her love of reading to her eighth grade students – and it’s paying off.

The Florida Department of Education named Sabala as a High Impact Teacher for 2017. 

“She is an amazing teacher, and she deserves this award,” said Aley, an eighth grade reading student.

The state determined the high-impact teachers by looking at their students' performance on statewide exams and how much growth can be seen from one year to the next.

“She received state recognition as a teacher of high impact with students,” said Shields Middle School Principal Tia Brown. “This means she’s made tremendous learning gains and had her students make tremendous growth over several years. We’re excited to have her as a resident here at Shields Middle.”

“In the last three years my students in my reading class made some gains. It’s great, because it pushes me more to try to help them and help them be successful.  I know they’re capable of doing it,” said Sabala.

Sabala has worked at Shields Middle School since moving to Florida from New York in 2006. Principal Brown insists Sabala’s dedication to kids shows through in her success as a teacher and her students’ success.

“Her work ethic, her love for kids, her passion, her drive, she’s just very focused on the goal which is getting her kids to do well and learn in reading,” said Brown.

On top of being honored by the state for her work, the school just named Sabala as Shields Middle School Teacher of the Year. “We’re very proud of her and well deserved, Ms. Sabala,” said Brown.

“Today, finding out I’m the Teacher of the Year is awesome. To know that people were happy that I got it, and they believe I am doing my job, and I’m helping the students,” Sabala said.

Coworkers and students stopped by her class to congratulate Sabala.  “I knew I was going to come to say congratulations, and I was happy for her. She deserves it,” said Zachari, an eighth grade reading student.

“She teaches in a way that I get it. If I don’t get it, she helps me along with it,” said Kevin, an eighth grade reading student.

Sabala prides herself on consistently being a supportive role model for her students.

“I know what they need so they can be successful, and I continue to do it every day.  And I let them know that we’re here because we care, but if they put effort they can be successful,” Sabala said.

Sabala was also the recipient of the Ida S. Baker Diversity Educator of the Year for the 2015-2016 school year.

“She pushes them, she challenges them to do better and our students really need that,” said Principal Brown.  “They need a champion in their corner and that’s Ms. Sabala.”

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