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Foster Elementary Travels the World to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage

October 17, 2017 - Points of Pride

In honor of Hispanic Heritage month at Foster Elementary School, students and families were invited for an afternoon of cultural enlightenment. Families were welcomed by receiving passports to travel to nine different countries represented throughout the school. Each passport was stamped when families reached their destination, granting them access to another country to embrace.

Students learned about the toucans found in the rainforest of Costa Rica, and made toucans by tracing their feet and hands. In Chile, students learned about the small town of Pomaire, where chanchitos are considered good luck. Chanchitos are small three-legged pig charms given to friends and loved ones. You can find them hanging in homes and stores throughout the village. The chanchito brings comfort to those who see it. A three-legged pig being able to stand is a sign that he/she must be lucky. Students colored chanchitos to take home and hang for good fortune.

The final destination sent families to the cafeteria for students to put on a show. During the show, students spoke about the importance of Hispanic leaders, and the hardships each leader had to overcome. The trip concluded Spanish dance lessons, along with traditional chicken and yellow rice, black beans and Cuban sandwiches for dinner, generously provided by La Teresita and Brocatos

The students at Foster recognize the importance of culture, tradition, the food and the language throughout various regions. Many students shared what it means to be Hispanic and the traditions they have within their families.

A good time was had by all, with feet sore from bachata lessons and tummies full from arroz con pollo.

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