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¡Viva la Musica! Brooker Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month with Music

October 18, 2017 - Points of Pride

Students at Brooker Elementary School in Brandon are getting a valuable lesson: music truly is a universal language. 

Fifth-graders in Teacher Amanda Johnston’s music class are celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month by learning the song, “Viva la Musica”.

“I just want them to love music. Hispanic music from the Latin culture is also very important in our community. It’s about experiencing something different and making music in a different way,” Johnston said.

Students insist they’re learning more than just the notes.

“It’s pretty cool, because it’s from a different culture,” said fifth-grader, Cody.

“The kind of songs and cultures, and food they’ve given us, clothing,” said Kylie, a fifth grade student.

“They’ve given a lot to us like food, instruments,” said fifth-grader, Omar.

Students are also playing different Latin-influenced instruments like the maraca, cowbell, alto xylophone, and the conga drums.

“Viva la Musica is like long live music, or we love music. Part of the verse says ‘Children from all nations are singing,’ so it’s showing that we can work together and come together. ‘Making music brings us together,’ is another line from the song,” said Johnston.

Hispanic students in Ms. Johnston’s class say they’re learning more about their own culture and enjoy sharing it with their classmates.

“I think it says a lot about singing and how fun it is to sing in Spanish,” said fifth-grader, Shaliza.

“Since I’m Hispanic, I feel like everyone should just come together and celebrate each other’s culture,” said Sarah, a fifth grade student.  “Everybody should come together and sing, and appreciate each other.” 

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