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Image for King students making a long lasting impact by serving on peer jury
Members from King's PRIDE Connection Peer Jury meet every Wednesday to provide restorative practices and support to fellow students.

King students making a long lasting impact by serving on peer jury

October 24, 2017 - Student Success

On a typical Wednesday afternoon in King High School's cafeteria you will find a group of student leaders making a positive impact on the school's culture. King's PRIDE Connection is comprised of 60 students that make up four teams who act as advisors/ peer jury to hear and deliberate their peers' disciplinary referrals.  

The team assigns an appropriate consequence for the referral, and oftentimes sets up a system of support and check-in's throughout the day for struggling students. They ask probing questions and in many cases uncover an issue that stands in the way of success.

The PRIDE Connection Program was started three years ago by Dr. Tammy Crawford-Morse, student success coach at King. "Through meaningful dialogue with our peers, we work on restoring pride, relationships and self-dignity through restorative practices," said Dr. Crawford-Morse.

Since the program's inception, there have been less than ten students who had to appear before the peer jury more than once. "I enjoy being in PRIDE Connection because I remember what it was like when I first started high school and how hard it is sometimes. It just helps to hear from someone your age because it's easier to relate," said CJ Wiley who is a current senior and PRIDE Connection member.

A point of pride for King and the PRIDE Connection is the fact that student members represent every group, gender, ethnicity, sexual preference, and academic program on campus. From International Baccalaureate students to those with intellectual disabilities, all are represented, accepted and valued as a contributing member of the team.

Thank you to the student leaders of PRIDE Connection and keep making a positive impact in the lives of fellow students and your school community!

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