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National School of Character teaches positive behavior through storybook characters

October 28, 2017 - Student Success

As a National School of Character, Apollo Beach Elementary students know positive behavior has a big impact on academics and the school’s environment.

This week, the school celebrated “Character Counts” Week, as part of National Bullying Prevention Month.  It reinforced why good character is important.

”It’s really all about promoting kindness and bullying awareness. We talk about it every day here, since we’re a National School of Character, but this week, gives us a chance to have a little extra fun around it,” said McMillan.

Friday wrapped up the week with a Character Parade. Many students dressed up as their favorite storybook character. Parents lined the school’s walking path to watch the parade of unique costumes.

“It’s almost Halloween. It’s just a great way to tie in the characters. The kids are encouraged to have a book with a good character in it that they can dress up as. It’s a fun way to tie in at the end of the week just what good character is all about,” McMillan said.

Students have learned to celebrate their differences and what it means to truly have good character.

“I learned that everyone should be unique, since every storybook character is definitely unique in their own special ways,” said fifth grade student, Emma.

“Be nice and kind to people,” said Hunter, a fourth-grader.

“This school is a No Bully Zone. Kindness, respect, be trustworthy,” Rhys, a fourth-grader said.

“Acting kind, being responsible to others,” said fifth grade student, Ricky.

“I learned that you could always be helping others and having a good positive thought on your mind,” said Brielle, a fourth-grader.

Students enjoyed seeing who their classmates selected to portray.

“It was really cool seeing everybody dress up,” Brielle said.

“It was a great way to show your personality, your passion to books when you dress up like them, and you act like them for the day,” said Ricky.

“I love seeing the costumes everyone makes and the costumes everyone chooses, and learning more about what people like in storybooks,” said Emma.

School leaders couldn’t be prouder. “We have the best students in Hillsborough County, and they show great character every day,” McMillian said.

“If we all know about good character, we’ll realize if we do something wrong. Good character makes the world go around,” said Emma.

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National Schools of Character are schools, early childhood through high school, that have demonstrated through a rigorous character development evaluation process that character development has had a positive impact on academics, student behavior, and school climate. These schools become part of a network of Schools of Character that serve as models and mentors to other educators and hold their designation for 5 years.  To read more:

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