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Image for Celebrating new leaders in the district
Join us in celebrating new leaders in the district. Here's a recap of the latest administrative appointments.

Celebrating new leaders in the district

September 29, 2015 - Employee Excellence

Meet Melissa Babanats

Currently Assistant Principal at Davis Elementary, Ms. Babanats has been appointed Principal of Town and Country Elementary effective November 9, 2015. As she embarks on her new role, she looks forward to providing students with all the necessary tools to be successful in life. Ms. Babanats loves to spend time with her son, husband, and extended family and friends. A fun fact about Ms. Babanats is that she has visited La Madelina, a small island in Italy.  It was the most beautiful and breathtaking scenery ever. Congratulations Ms. Babanats!


Meet Greg Cannella

Currently Supervisor of Technology Training, Mr. Cannella has been appointed as Principal of Miles Elementary effective October 12, 2015. Mr. Cannella looks forward to preparing students for life by immersing them in a culture of hard work, collaboration, fun, hope and success! He enjoys spending time with his family and two dogs. Did you know Mr. Cannella plays the trumpet in a Dixieland jazz band? Very impressive! Congratulations Mr. Cannella.


Meet Derrick Gaines

Currently Principal of Van Buren Middle School, Mr. Gaines has been appointed Principal of Bowers-Whitley Career Center effective October 12, 2015. Mr. Gaines shares that part of preparing students for life is holding all stakeholders accountable for the success of the school and all students. When asked who his hero is - with no hesitation he states his mother, who has always been there for him. Mr. Gaines enjoys spending time with his family and shared that Alaska and Hawaii are destinations he would love to visit one day. Congratulations Mr. Gaines!


Meet Rebecca Salgado

Currently Assistant Principal of Ruskin Elementary, Ms. Salgado has been appointed Principal of Ruskin Elementary effective October 12, 2015. Ms. Salgado intends to prepare students for life by setting them up for success, with high expectations and meeting all of their academic and behavioral needs. She's ready for her new role with the inspiration of her mother who always taught her that with love, patience, and composure, everything is possible. Ms. Salgado treasures time with her family and shared that her proudest moment was becoming a mommy! Congratulations Ms. Salgado!


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