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Image for Celebrating new leaders in the district
Join us in celebrating new leaders in the district. Here's a recap of the latest administrative appointments.

Celebrating new leaders in the district

October 13, 2015 - Employee Excellence

Meet Cinzia DeLange

Dr. Cinzia DeLange has been appointed Supervisor of Charter Schools. Dr. DeLange is committed to preparing students for life by providing students and their families with education choices to include high quality charter schools. Her biggest inspiration is her grandmother who lived a full life and gave her family 93 years of love and support.  Dr. DeLange would like to spend time in Pisa, Italy where her mother, brother and extended family resides. Congratulations Dr. DeLange!


Meet Corey Murphy

Ms. Corey Murphy, currently Purchasing Officer at Hillsborough Community College has been appointed General Manager of Procurement.  Ms. Murphy looks forward to ensuring our schools and students have the equipment and support they need to reach their full capabilities. During her leisure time, Ms. Murphy loves to visit lovely Florida beaches. Her proudest moments are centered around seeing her daughter excel in school and sports...proud mom! Congratulations Ms. Murphy!

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