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Image for  Turkey Creek Migrant Holiday Party Brings Goodwill to Migrant Families
Over 400 people gathered at Turkey Creek Middle School's Migrant Christmas Festival. The event was filled with Turkey Creek teachers and staff showing love and concern for their families, making sure

Turkey Creek Migrant Holiday Party Brings Goodwill to Migrant Families

December 24, 2017 - Employee Excellence

Dear HCPS Employees and Families,

I wanted to share with you some touching news this season from Turkey Creek Middle School. On December 14 we celebrated our Migrant Family Christmas Celebration. This year we requested donations from the community abroad to help provide money for food and clothing (hoodies or long sleeve shirts) for our migrant students. We also had a program for our students called Gobbler Angels. The teachers were requested to choose one migrant student and buy a $10.00 gift. The day before the party, I sent out an email to the faculty requesting help with a number of students that had not been chosen. Within an hour all of the students were taken. Our entire faculty sacrificed so that no child was left without a gift.

The night of the party 412 people showed up for the event. Our principal (Fredda Johnson) had the day off and the migrant committee was slammed. All of a sudden here comes Principal Johnson to the rescue. She chose to come back to this event on her day off so that our parents would know how much she values them. Her servant leadership was a shining star to our migrant parents. I feel that this event was truly significant in bridging the cultural gap that can hinder a school from significant growth and unity.

Many teachers came to this event and showed such a love and concern for our parents that it brought tears to my eyes. How amazing to be a part of a faculty that truly has a heart for our kids. Talk about parent involvement; that was an event to remember. I thought a positive story would go a long way this season.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the Creek!


Susan Alamillo

Migrant Advocate at Turkey Creek Middle School

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