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Slime phenomenon brings friends together to help a classmate

January 25, 2018 - Student Success

When a group of fifth graders at Claywell Elementary received the difficult news that their fellow classmate, Camila Albornoz, was diagnosed with cancer they quickly formulated a plan using a common love for slime to help make a difference. 

With an initial goal of raising $100 to help Camila's family with medical expenses, her friends and classmates went on a slime-making mission to sell as much slime as they could. With the help and support of their teachers they eagerly started a fundraising campaign to raise funds and awareness for pediatric cancer.

The slime phenomenon catapulted the fundraiser and they quickly surpassed the $100 goal. Students, faculty, staff and parents all pitched in to donate supplies to make more slime to keep up with the demand. After only a few weeks the fundraiser yielded an impressive total of $461.53.

This schoolwide act of kindness and caring touched not only Camila and her family, but it also taught her classmates a valuable lesson about how one act of kindness can make a monumental impact. 

Camila continues to be the joyful, kind and brave little girl her family and extended Claywell family all know her to be, even while going through her treatments.

Watch the video above as Camila's friends discuss the reason behind this act of kindness and how this experience has impacted them.  

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