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Image for Going for the Gold - Count us in for the win!
Going for the Gold with the HCPS 90x20 team - count us in for the win!

Going for the Gold - Count us in for the win!

January 23, 2018 - Points of Pride

I learned about the Going for the Gold HCPS 90x20 team in 2016. I was invited to a walk/run clinic by Mrs. Conchita Canty-Jones. I got excited when I learned I could bring my children. I am always trying to find ways for us to exercise together. Bringing my kids to outdoor bootcamps and running laps with one child while the other is practicing soccer is typically how we workout together, so preparing for a 5K with other parents, children, and teachers sounded like fun.

Meeting School Board Member Lynn Gray at the clinic was great. To have her and the [Physical Education] P.E. Supervisor Steve Vanoer as coaches was ideal modeling. School leaders emulating the healthy ‘fit for life’ tips through demonstration was exactly how I model fit for my children at home. Lead by example. The fact that they discussed goal-setting for the race, education, and life was the granola & blueberry on my green smoothie bowl. It all made sense.

The Going for the Gold HCPS 90x20 team is more than preparing for the race. It is more than preparing youth for graduation through fitness. It is more than being in an inclusive environment with students, parents, teachers, school leaders and stakeholders to workout together. It is preparing students and all of us, for success in life.

A picture of my kids is in the Flickr album below. They celebrated as if they had won the Gold in the Olympics. And they are still winning in school with A’s and E’s on their report cards.

This year we are back. It was a no brainer to Decide. Commit. Act. See you at the walk/run clinics and we can’t wait to see you all at the Publix Gasparilla 5K Distance Classic.

Kindest regards,
Felicia Romano, Guest Author
Mom/Volunteer & 90x20 Committee Member

EDITOR'S NOTE:  To register for the HCPS 90x20 2018 Publix Gasparilla Distance Classic 5K team, visit Be sure to choose HCPS90x20 as YOUR team when prompted!

For information about upcoming 90x20 Walk-to-Run Clinics, go to If you have questions about registering for the race, contact Conchita Canty-Jones at 813.273.4881.  

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