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Durant High School Showcases the Talents and Culture of its Students During Black History Month

February 22, 2018 - Points of Pride

The students at Durant High School immersed themselves into the celebration of Black History Month, thanks to the dedicated committee of faculty and staff who planned numerous engaging activities to enhance their curriculum.

One highlight of the month was their multicultural show called “Together We Rise." With an evening viewing shown on Thursday, February 15 for families to enjoy, and another showing on Friday, February 16 for the student body. The performances included student talents of song, dance, step, drum, and spoken word.

The show featured the many talents and cultures of the student body at Durant High School. There was a beautiful tribute to the Thai culture performed by Ramita Kanowatee, and a Tribute to Step put on by Alpha Cougar Omega (ACO) which was certainly a showstopper.  There was something for everyone, and a tremendous amount of talent within each soul who performed— a memory the students will have with them for a lifetime.

“All of the students came out and really showcased their talents. There have been a lot of great events throughout the month and the kids enjoy celebrating the culture with us,” said Kandice Hill, exceptional student education (ESE) teacher at Durant and multicultural show committee member.

The fun does not stop with the multicultural show though, throughout the month there are facts, pictures, and artifacts recognizing the many contributions of African Americans that are on display throughout the campus. And, each morning on DNews (morning show), students have the opportunity to learn about different African Americans and their contributions, as well as, win prizes for guessing the person’s name correctly based on facts given.

On February 19 the school held a Black Cinema in the auditorium, showing the movie "Hidden Figures". An empowering film about black female mathematicians who worked at NASA during the Space Race.

On Wednesdays students are getting their fill of food, music and entertainment, with food and beverage samples from various African countries during lunches, and a step performance to end the month long festivities.

During passing periods on Fridays, the halls are filled with a variety of music to celebrate the culture. While listening to the music students can check out the outside hallway of the library to view a touching "Who Am I" tribute, which highlights influential African Americans and movements that have taken place throughout history.

At Durant High School the students are pursuing their dreams while embracing culture.

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