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Image for EPIC 3 students learn others are believers in their potential at the 2nd Annual Doretha Edgecomb Female Symposium

EPIC 3 students learn others are believers in their potential at the 2nd Annual Doretha Edgecomb Female Symposium

February 28, 2018 - Student Success
by Paul E. Burke
Education, Prevention and Intervention Centers (EPIC)
The second annual Doretha Edgecomb Female Symposium, held on Friday, February 23, was an EPIC start to a day of outreach and support in helping shape students’ lives.
Hillborough County Public Schools (HCPS) EPIC 3 (Education, Prevention and Intervention Centers) students arrived at Keiser University not knowing what to expect from the event. And, evident by the observations of many, the group of EPIC 3 young ladies heard words that “landed” and it was clear the message most resoundingly taken in was that of “others are believers in their potential!”

Strong messages of worth and potential were reinforced by Doretha W. Edgecomb, as well as from the panel of participants who gave sincere and heart felt stories of leadership in our community. Their message to the girls was to "capture their potential" and "own their voice." The speakers connected with their audience on a very rooted level. Every moment during the presentations and the networking lunch was filled with questions, answers and inspiration. All the time exemplifying the servitude to positively change the students’ lives.

Friday’s day of inspiration and outreach did not stop with community members, but also included a visit to Gaither High School from two EPIC 3 students who presented a check for $353.00 in support of the school district's Special Olympics. The monies were raised, with the help of the Seffner and Forest Hills Beef O’ Brady’s, by both North Tampa and Brandon EPIC.

Every year, EPIC 3 schools conduct three outreach projects with all proceeds going to charity. These programs specifically provide an opportunity to model The Henry Shake Washington EPIC 3 outreach, a friendly competition between both EPIC 3 schools. EPIC students, many of which have had challenges of their own, are given a unique opportunity to actively support another organization with other students who face challenges and barriers every day, often greater than their own.

We would like to thank our HCPS partners and sponsors:

Doretha W. Edgecomb has served our community for more than 50 years with a focus and commitment to ensure that all students are provided a high-quality education and given every opportunity to reach their potential. She is a former Hillsborough County Public Schools School Board member and has served our district as a teacher, specialist, supervisor, and principal. Edgecomb was elected to the School Board (District 5) in 2004 where she served three, four-year terms.

Bob Conigliaro, Ms. Cooper (panelist) and Ms. Howard (panelist) of Caspers Company.

Zandra Floyd and Jessica Vega, leaders within our own school district. 

Symposium sponsors: Keiser University (venue), Tampa YMCA (transportation) and A Cup of Organic (breakfast and lunch).

Seffner and Forest Hills Beef O’ Brady’s

Photos courtesy of Paul Burke and Jessica Vega.





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