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Sligh Middle School is Poppin' with Good Behavior and Ready for Testing

April 12, 2018 - Student Success

After months of hard work, and earning points to attend school activities and events, the cougars of Sligh Middle Magnet School were let loose in the gym for March Madness games from March 27 - 29, and a Pep Rally Celebration to kick of the testing period on April 6.

This is the 2nd year that the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) team at Sligh coordinated a March Madness Tournament for the students. These student vs. student basketball games created healthy competition and an incentive for students to focus on academics, conduct and attendance.

“PBIS at Sligh helps teach and model behaviors that are not only beneficial academically, but will also prepare students for life. The main focus of our PBIS is to mold a community of students that turn into genuinely good people who are caring, compassionate and selfless,” said Daniel Baugh, assistant principal at Sligh Middle Magnet School.

In order to participate in the games, students could not earn any referrals, or in / out of school suspension and they had to earn 100 HERO incentive points as the "cost" to play, nothing lower than a "B" in conduct, and nothing lower than a "C" in academics. The winners of the student basketball game played against the staff on Friday, April 6 during the PBIS - FSA Pep Rally.

The Pep Rally was popping with a DJ, performances from the Steel Drum members, Drumline, and Dancing Divas, with students in the stands cheering everyone one. The Rally ended with a student vs. teacher balloon pop competition, where students per grade level took turns to see how many balloons each team could pop in a relay race style; the grade level team that popped the most balloons competed against a teacher team for the win. The grand finale was an entertaining student vs. faculty basketball game, with teachers taking home the win.

 “The PBIS team creates these incentives for students to work towards, which decreases behavior incidence, motivates students to stay engaged and in class, which helps our overall goal of improved academic achievement,” said Mr. Earnest Wood, assistant principal at Sligh Middle Magnet School.

The purpose of the Pep Rally was to kick off testing season, relieve stress, and get the students excited and motivated about doing their best during the FSA. The students enjoyed playing against the staff, which allowed them to engage with them in a different way, and strengthened student-teacher relationships.




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