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District kicks off contest honoring local black leaders

December 03, 2015

The LEAD Student Contest was created to inspire, motivate, and encourage students in grades 3-12 to explore the impact of black leaders in Hillsborough County.  These leaders can come from many walks of life, and they can be young, old, male or female.  Some examples of local leaders might include a Pastor, Advisor/Mentor, Teacher/Principal, Fire Fighter, Family Member, Musician, Coach, Police Officer, Judge/Lawyer, Community Advocate, Friend, or a member of the Armed Forces.

There are three arts categories in which a student may participate – Literature, Performance, and Visual Arts, and they may enter in one or more arts categories.  Literature is the art of writing. The author (student submitting entry) should express his/her own thoughts and ideas through the use of words. Authors submit a single literary work, handwritten or typed, using grade-appropriate grammar, punctuation and spelling.  Performance is a form of creative activity that includes a variety of disciplines intended to be performed in front of a live audience such as drama, music, and dance. Visual Arts include many art forms that are visual in nature. The artist (student submitting entry) is a person who captures his/her own thoughts and ideas to create a visual piece of art.

Information needed to be able to participate in the LEAD Student Contest, including submission requirements and category descriptions is available by clicking here. All entries must be submitted by the close of business (4:00 p.m.) on Friday, January 8, 2016. Entries submitted after the contest deadline will not be accepted. Winners will be notified Tuesday, February 2, 2016. Student prizes may include scholarships, technology, sports memorabilia, and more. For questions, call (813) 840-7055. Ready, set, LEAD!

Join the conversation on social media using #IcanLead - we want to hear from you!

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