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Image for Hillsborough County Public Schools supports new legislation to crack down on distracted driving
9 year old Logan Scherer died in 2016 by a distracted driver

Hillsborough County Public Schools supports new legislation to crack down on distracted driving

December 18, 2018

The death of a 9 year old boy from Riverview brought together the school district, a local family, and a Tampa politician Monday afternoon, all with one mission in mind—to crack down on distracted driving and to save lives.

In 2016, Logan Scherer was traveling with his family when they were hit from behind by a man who was texting and driving. Logan died instantly. Since then, his family has worked to make sure his death is not in vain.

Representative Jackie Toledo from Tampa shares their vision. She filed House Bill 107 that not only makes texting while driving a primary offense, but would outlaw any touching or holding of a cell phone while driving.

But policy is only half the battle. Education is another key component. Superintendent Jeff Eakins, along with School Board Members Melissa Snively, Cindy Stuart and Stacy Hahn showed up to support Logan’s family and House Bill 107. “I know as a mom of a teenage driver, distracted driving is one of the most dangerous things a driver can do”, said School Board Vice Chair Snively. “We fully support what Rep. Toledo is proposing”.

To Logan’s family, the support of the school district is crucial. They want to get the message across to children of all ages that using a cell phone while driving is dangerous. They also want to make sure the parents of those children lead by example. Logan’s dad, Jordan Scherer, hopes drivers will remember Logan every time they reach for the phone while driving. “Our kids only do what they see us do,” he said. “We have to set examples”.

Logan’s family has started the “Living for Logan Foundation” to help pass legislation penalizing distracted drivers. Rep. Toledo’s bill would go a long way to accomplishing that goal.

“Logan died because a cell phone was more important than his life,” said Logan’s mom, Brooke Scherer. “Logan keeps us moving forward. He may not be here physically but he is very much alive”.


Learn more about the Living for Logan Foundation www.facebook.com/Living4Logan



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