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Join us in celebrating new leaders in the district. Here's a recap of the latest administrative appointments.

Celebrating new leaders in the district

May 24, 2016

Meet Robert Bhoolai

Currently the Assistant Principal for Student Affairs at Williams Middle School, Mr. Bhoolai has been appointed as the Principal of Robinson High School, effective June 13, 2016. As he embarks on this new journey, Mr. Bhoolai looks forward to ensuring Robinson offers a comprehensive system of support to allow all students the opportunity to excel. He enjoys golf and spending time with his family. He hopes to spend more time in India to learn more about his paternal family's heritage and culture. Sounds like future travel plans could be in order! Congratulations Mr. Bhoolai!

Meet Jennifer Sparano

Currently the Assistant Principal for Magnet Curriculum at Tampa Bay Tech High School, Ms. Sparano has been appointed as the Principal of Brandon High School, effective June 13, 2016. She looks forward to bringing the school community together to ensure that students have the academic and emotional support they need to lead a fulfilling post secondary life. During her leisure time Ms. Sparano enjoys family time at the beach and cares for two cats who adopted her family because they showed up at their front door and never left- Smokey and Doris! How can you refuse that kind of love? Congrats Ms. Sparano!

Meet Mike Ramsey

Currently Director of Workforce & Continuing Education, Mr. Ramsey has been appointed as the General Director of Career, Technical, and Adult Education, effective June 6, 2016. Mr. Ramsey shares that he is looking forward to creating clear pathways from our CTAE programs into the workforce. He explains without a doubt that his grandfather is his inspiration, "He made everyone around him feel special." His proudest moments are definitely when we became a husband and proud father! Congratulations Mr. Ramsey!

Meet Kimberly Workman

Ms. Workman, currently Supervisor for Instructional Support and Assessment, Exceptional Student Education, has been appointed as the General Director for Exceptional Student Education.  Ms. Workman looks forward to preparing students with disabilities for life by ensuring that they have the most effective instruction and support to achieve their goals and dreams. During her leisure time, Ms. Workman loves hiking in the mountains of North Carolina and enjoys photography. She also makes time to spoil her two german shepherds, Mayhem and Odin. Sounds like fun! Congrats Ms. Workman!

Meet Toynita Martinez

Currently the Principal of Frost Elementary School, Ms. Martinez has been appointed as the Supervisor, Elementary School Generalist (Area 7), effective May 30, 2016. She looks forward to providing students with what best meets their educational needs. During her leisure time Ms. Martinez enjoys relaxing and watching a great movie. She shared that her proudest  moment was being appointed an Elementary Principal. What an amazing accomplishment! Congratulations Ms. Martinez!

Meet Michael McManus

Currently Senior Analyst, Instructional Technology, Mr. McManus has been appointed Manager of Planning and Related Services. Mr. McManus is committed to preparing students for life by ensuring all students have the necessary resources to meet their educational needs. He enjoys golfing and spending time with family. Mr. McManus shared that his proudest moments consist of his marriage to his wife, Tricia and the birth of their two lovely daughters. Congratulations Mr. McManus!

Meet Aimee Ballans

Currently Lead Mentor, Ms. Ballans has been appointed Supervisor of Performance Evaluation. Ms. Ballans looks forward to preparing students for life by supporting instructional mentors and Teacher Talent Developers, "I will ensure that every student has the best teacher possible from day 1!" She enjoys travelling, "I have taken students all over the world and gone on many adventures with family and friends.  I have a long list of places to go still on my bucket list and a few places I'd like to visit again!" Her proudest moment is when she achieved her National Board Certification. Ms. Ballans shared that, "As a professional, this affirmed all my efforts to be the best for my students."  Congratulations Aimee Ballans!

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