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Fourth graders at Mitchell Elementary giving back to the homeless community.

Fourth graders give hope to hungry and homeless

July 07, 2016

Fourth grade students at Mitchell Elementary recently took their Genius Hour to the next level by giving hope to the Hungry and Homeless in their community. Through local partnerships, they successfully created an event that raised $1,800 for the Homeless Ministry, in addition to hundreds of donated items.  

The students held a fundraiser in May called "Bake Your Heart Out". Donation booths were set up along the street. Items like baked goods were sold to benefit their cause.

"The bake sale really opened my eyes to the fact that other people care as much as we do. I learned that even if someone didn't buy anything, they were there to support us,” said Lily, a fourth grader at Mitchell Elementary.

The students were successful by creating sub committees for the big event, such as a Public Relations committee, Volunteer committee, and Donations committee. The students were tasked with identifying a problem in their community and identifying ways to help by their teacher, Kathy Hill. They not only worked toward making their big event a success, they also gave back by volunteering to serve meals on Saturdays.

"The kids were totally in charge [of the event],” said Hill. “Their faces said it all. They even told me it doesn't end with today, they are going to keep volunteering and raising awareness."

The students enjoyed the event and learned about ways to help the homeless community.

"My heart has grown too big for my body,” said Maddie, a fourth grader at Mitchell Elementary. “There is now a huge part of it devoted to serving the homeless. This is not the end."

"I learned a lot through this process of this project,” said Emma, a fourth grader at Mitchell Elementary. “I learned how many homeless people and kids there are in the world, how to run your own bake sale and that we made a difference."


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