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District launches new one-stop resource portal for students

August 25, 2016

Hillsborough County students can now access their daily educational resources and links in one easy-to-access online portal, the Student Connection.  The student based portal is available to all K-12 HCPS students. Resources and links are customized to each student's grade level, offering content that is relevant to each student's educational journey. Students must login with their district username and password to gain access to the Student Connection.

Here's how to find Student Connection:

From school:

  • Click on the Student Connection icon on any school computer desktop 

From home or anywhere:

  • Go to your school’s website
  • Click on the “Student Links” menu (at the top right corner of your school’s homepage)


Here's how to log-in to programs and sites:

From the district sign-in page (see screenshot below):

  • Use the same credentials the student uses to log-in to Student Connection.

From an external site sign-in page:

  • Use the credentials the student created for that specific site.

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