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Just and Sanchez Full Service Centers provide parents, students, volunteers and schools with support and resources that assist in preparing students for life all year long.

Full Service Centers provide support for families all year long.

November 23, 2017

Children are our most precious commodity. They need food, shelter, clothing, a safe place to live and go to school, and they need love and care to grow, flourish and succeed. In Hillsborough County Public Schools, children and parents get a bit of extra help with keeping children safe, warm, fed, clothed, and healthy by accessing our Full Service Centers (FSC).  Even during the Thanksgiving break when the district is closed, 600 families will be able to participate in the annual Out Give Day thanks to Idlewild Church and Sanchez Full Service Center.  Families will receive a week's supply of non-perishable groceries and personal hygiene products, delivered right to their homes, or by picking up the items at Sanchez FSC on Thanksgiving Day!

Recently, at a pair of fall family festivals, both Just and Sanchez Full Service Centers provided their target families/schools with the resources to supplement and support their many and various needs. Dozens of children and their families spent hours at their specific center, playing games, eating, listening to music, stocking up on books and crayons, trying on shoes and socks, reading with MyOn representatives, registering with health care and local support providers, and speaking with Adult Education and other resource vendors. From a huge donation by Regions Bank of brand new socks and shoes, to homebaked treats and munchies provided by staff and volunteers,  to goody bags full of personal hygiene products, families left their FSS's carrying new backpacks full of school supplies, equipped with important information, new resources, and access to community support systems.

HCPS's Full Service Centers offer system navigation, resource linkage, and support to students, parents, community partners, and school/district staff. They provide and connect high quality services and resources to meet the needs of their diverse families.  

Basic program objectives for the Full Service Centers include:

1.  Providing basic needs and literacy support, including

Adult Education: HCPS Adult Education Department provides General Education Development (GED) and English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) classes to Full Service Centers.

Attendance and Truancy Concerns:  FSC partners such as Project LINK provide support plans to parents according to family needs and strengths identified through attendance assessment.

Bullying Education: Partner (Crisis Center) - through their C.A.R.E. program we offer services that help children with self-esteem, healthy relationships and anti-bullying prevention. We empower children to find their voice and learn to love themselves. We offer education facilitated through workshops, one-on-one sessions and presentations. This service allows the community to be aware and prepared for the consequences of cyber-bullying and cyber safety.

Family Mental Health: The Full Service Centers partner with agencies like Success 4 Kids and Families (S4KF) who provide referral service to behavioral management, therapy and home visitation for students K-12 and (Crisis Center) Siemer case management to families with emphasis on reduced school mobility.

Head Start/VPK: Head Start/Voluntary Pre-kindergarten (VPK) provides a pre-kindergarten class for children ages 3-5 as the focal point of a comprehensive child development program which includes school readiness, social competence, health & developmental screenings and individualized curriculum.

Mentoring: Partners (Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS), Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters (HIPPY), Seeds of Learning (SEEDS), Girls Everywhere Meeting the Savior (GEMS), Federation of Families, For the Family, Youth Advocate Program) provide specialized support to students designed specifically to their age groups which include self-esteem building, healthy coping skills, personal achievement, resources and positive development programs in safe, supportive, structured environment.

2. Creating unique student/family experiences that include family outings, festivals, celebrations and access to District resources, including Peachjar, 90x20 events, etc.

3.  Offering training for parents, including:

Parent Support: Partners provide support for family involvement in educational settings, promote male involvement, prenatal care, senior case management, relative care-giving and nourishment for home bound and seniors. (Kinship Care, ReachUp, Federation of Families, HealthyStart, Project LINK, S4KF, The Centre, United Way)

Parent Workshops: Partners will present parent(s) with a unique training that has the ability to impact relationships and create insights that lead to positive change.

Relative Caregiver Assistance: FSC partners' services include comprehensive case management, tutoring, mentoring, support groups and other interventions that will stabilize and empower families. Other services include support for those relatives charged with the care of others' minor children (Kinship Care)

Relationship Counseling: Several of our partners provide support, workshops for all types of relationship counseling (Kinship Care, ReachUp, Federation of Families, HealthyStart, Project LINK, S4KF, The Centre, United Way)

Stress Support: FSC partners offer educational workshops women on stress management, maternal nutrition, health and wellness and periodontal disease. (ReachUp)

Both Just and Sanchez Full Service Centers support the Superintendent’s strategic goal of 90% graduation rate by the year 2020 (90x20) in order to prepare students for life.  The family plays a crucial role in forming a child's identity and influences his/her attitudes toward school. Our Full Service Centers provide an emotional and physical boost and alternative supports for families.

For more information about the HCPS Full Service Centers, please contact Just FSC at 813.274.7982, or Sanchez FSC at 813.272.0673. You may also visit the FSC website at  


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