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Image for Looking for a Teaching Job? 10 Social Media Do’s and Don’ts

Looking for a Teaching Job? 10 Social Media Do’s and Don’ts

May 04, 2020 - Tips for Teachers

Job Search Tips Dos and Don'ts

Hillsborough Schools is hiring for the 2020-2021 academic year. If you wish to teach in Tampa, your chances hinge on a lot of factors. You might not realize how much social media matters in the job search process. It should be common knowledge by now that anything you post can wind up on the Internet for many years. How you present yourself matters, especially when looking for a teaching job.

Think about it: Not only will your potential bosses be concerned about how you present yourself on social media, but your students (especially by high school) could easily get a hold of your accounts as well.

Be sure to closely review and monitor your social media presence before, during and after your job search.

An article on had some great tips on this topic. We’ll share a few of those as well as some common sense thoughts about social media usage for anybody wishing to teach in Tampa.

Social Media Do’s and Don’ts when searching for a teaching job

Do this on social media:

  1. Do check your privacy settings to be sure what your friends, your friends of friends and strangers can see. Plus, you will want to review any photos, statuses and comments where others have tagged you. In addition, be sure to search yourself on Google and set a Google alert for your name so that you are notified every time your name appears.

  2. Do make certain that your social media profiles are consistent with your resume because some studies show that more than 75% of employers will check social media before interviewing or hiring a candidate. Be sure to proof your posts for correct spelling and grammar. Recruiters may be reluctant to interview you if all of your posts have errors.

  3. Do talk about news going on at your school in an encouraging light. When your student wins an academic award, when the local newspaper writes an article about three kids at your school earning all-district volleyball honors, when teachers lead a fund drive for the local food bank, share those stories.

  4. Do share the accomplishments of your colleagues. Following fellow teachers that you like and respect not only helps you represent yourself well, it can help your collaborative efforts and even help to inspire you.

  5. Do check your school district’s policy on social media and encourage your students, especially in middle and high school, to use social media responsibly and carefully.

Don’t do this on social media:

  1. Don’t talk negatively about colleagues even if you do not name them. (Or anyone for that matter.)

  2. Don’t talk negatively about a local business – you might be mad at that auto shop that messed up your repair. However, you never know when their manager might have a daughter or grandson in your class.

  3. Don’t connect directly with students using your personal cell phone (communicate via approved third-party apps like Remind).

  4. Don’t share photos that somebody might use to paint you in a bad light. In other words, no alcohol and no beach party photos.

  5. Don’t share too much personal information or tag your colleagues.

If you are interested in learning more about teaching at one of our Hillsborough Schools – then go to

Guide to social media apps as teaching job seeker and teacher:

There are quite a few social media apps, but we’ll cover a few of the most popular ones:

  • LinkedIn:

    Be super professional here. This should be all about your professional interests, your accomplishments and your qualifications for that next job. Get a professional photographer to take your LinkedIn head shot. If you are young and have little teaching experience, tout your certifications (or the ones you are working on) and your academic accomplishments. Highlight every bit of your experience in designing lesson plans or standing in front of a classroom. Connect with Hillsborough Schools on LinkedIn at

  • Twitter:

    Also, be professional here. This is a great place to share some of those stories about awards or student accomplishments happening at your school. Intelligent hashtags can help that library opening or school music recital reach more people than you’d think. To follow the happenings of Hillsborough Schools, search: #TeachInTampa and #WeClimbTogether. Follow Hillsborough Schools on Twitter: @TeachInTampa and @HillsboroughSch

  • Facebook:

    Bring your best self forward here as well, but you can be a little looser with the presentation. Your profile photo could be a bit more fun, like you attending a football game at your school or reading a book to young students. You can also post photos that have nothing to do with your career, like you volunteering or playing an instrument. You can give potential employers a glimpse of your personality -- but keep the vibe positive. Find Hillsborough Schools on Facebook at @teachintampa / Teacher Recruitment at Hillsborough Schools or @HillsboroughSch / Hillsborough County Public Schools.

  • Instagram and Snapchat:

    Much like Facebook, you can use photos and videos in a smart way on Instagram or Snapchat to make yourself look engaging and fun as well as a person with a passion for teaching. Again, be judicious about which photos you post of yourself. Find us on Instagram at @teachintampa and @HillsboroughSch.

Mix and match your social media profiles in an intelligent way to put yourself ahead of the pack and you might find yourself teaching in Tampa!

Remember, searching a job candidate’s social media profiles is standard procedure for school districts nowadays so assume that anything you post could affect how you are perceived.

If you are ready to apply here’s the link to start your application.

How to take advantage of social media while searching for a teaching job:

Your social media accounts tell the world, including potential employers, a bit about you. But you can also learn more about potential future bosses.

Use this to your advantage!

Especially use LinkedIn here. Look into the profiles of every person involved in your teaching job interview with Hillsborough Schools. Learn about the principal and the other key members of the administration. Use that information to ask about their experience. Or perhaps the vice principal is from the same hometown as you – that could be a nice ice-breaker if used correctly.

Also, it’s smart to use LinkedIn as a professional networking resource. Don’t just share what others write. Try your hand at writing yourself! Sharing your thoughts on a teaching or planning technique that worked for you will help you engage with current colleagues and even potential future colleagues and bosses at Hillsborough Schools.

Use social media as a helpful tool. Keep your profile up-to-date and show recruiters your best professional self. Social media can make a positive difference in your teaching job search.

If you are interested in learning more about teaching at one of our Hillsborough Schools – then go to And, if you are ready to apply here’s the link to start your application.

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