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What To Do After Your Teaching Job Interview - Tip #7

May 19, 2020 - Tips for Teachers

What To Do After Your Teaching Job Interview – The Importance of Thank You Notes

Do you have an upcoming interview for a teaching position at Hillsborough Schools? If so, congratulations!  Your goal to teach in Tampa might be just around the corner. Our previous tips focused on how to prepare for the interview.

But remember, what you do after the interview can make a lasting impression.

The folks at Career Contessa wrote about the importance of writing thank you notes and went so far as to say that a candidate’s failure to write one has led hiring managers to decide against hiring that applicant.

Tampa Bay JobLinks recommends sending both an email and an actual paper thank you card. We do too.

Plan to follow up on your teaching in Tampa interview

Always send thank you notes or cards within 24 hours of your teaching job interview. Send them to everyone involved in the process of setting up or participating in your interview, from the office receptionist to the principal.

The note does not have to be long. A few paragraphs at most. Compose it carefully and proofread it repeatedly. This is no time to get sloppy.

Use this as a basic outline:

  • Thank them for their time and mention again which job you interviewed for.
  • If the interviewers mentioned any specific trait that they seek in a teacher, remind them early that you have that trait. If they mention a problem, explain how you can help solve it.
  • Remind them why you’re qualified for the position and re-emphasize your passion for the profession and your desire to land this position.
  • Add something you might have forgotten to mention or rephrase and reiterate something you wish you had expressed better in real time.
  • Mention specific information that you learned during the interview; this shows you were paying attention to the questions they were asking.
  • Thank them again and ask them to keep you informed about their hiring process.

We know you will be anxious to find out about their decision but do not ask the interviewer for details about the timetable for a decision.

Ready to apply with Hillsborough Schools? Here’s the link to start your application.

Why send thank-you notes?

You want to send a thank you note after a teaching job interview for the same reason you want to have an error-free resume or put on your best clothes before an interview: To leave the best possible impression.

Sending a follow-up email and thank you note helps to emphasize how much you want to teach in Tampa and how much you want to work for that particular school where you interviewed. It also helps you to restate your strengths as a candidate.

Mail the thank you card the day you interview, perhaps right after you get home (or soon after the video session is over if you have a virtual job interview). As an article at points out, if you delay you might risk forgetting to send it for a few days. Or worse yet, the school might make its hiring decision before receiving your note.

The same website has tips on how to tailor your thank you note if you are interviewing for an entry-level job – or in this case, your first teaching job. Any recent college graduate can use this thank you note as a springboard to remind their interviewers again that they have the passion to teach in Tampa and that they bring something unique to the job.

Our website has information about our award-winning schools with details about current opportunities, where and how to apply and many more details to help you prepare for a teaching career in Tampa.

Check out our other Teaching Job Search Tips, including: Principal’s Top Interview Questions, Resume Writing Tips, Teaching Job Fit, and more on our website’s Teaching Job Tips archive.  

Do your research, polish up your tech skills and resume, get interview-ready and apply soon to be one of our next award-winning teachers in Hillsborough Schools in Fall 2020.

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