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Policy Manual

2623 - Student Assessment

Student achievement and needs in all program areas will be annually assessed, to determine the progress of students and to assist them in attaining student performance objectives and the educational outcome goals of this District.

Procedures for such assessments may include, but need not be limited to teacher observation techniques, cumulative student records, student performance data collected through standardized testing programs, and teacher-made tests.

The Superintendent shall develop a program of testing that may include, but not be limited to:

  A. State-mandated achievement tests


  B. End-of-course tests at appropriate grade levels to measure achievement of performance objectives in designated courses


  C. Diagnostic testing and alternative assessments


  D. Testing of all eligible students as defined by State Board of Education rules


The following components also will be included:

  A. Parents will be informed of the testing program of the schools and of the special tests that are to be administered to their children.


  B. Data produced or derived from the testing will be entered on the student's cumulative record.


  C. School and District achievement test results will be reported on a District-wide and by school basis to the public annually.


  D. Remediation services will be provided to any student who scores Level I on the State-mandated achievement test or who does not meet the requirement for graduation prior to retesting.


  I. The Superintendent shall develop procedures for the annual assessment of first, second, third, and fourth grade students on their reading proficiency and identify those students who are reading below grade level. The Superintendent shall ensure that each student's teacher is involved in the assessment and in the identification of those students who are reading below grade level.
    The District shall notify the parent or legal guardian of each student whose reading skills are below grade level and provide intervention services to each student reading below grade level.
    For each student required to be offered remediation services, the District shall involve the student's parent or legal guardian and classroom teacher in developing the intervention strategy, and shall offer to the parent or legal guardian the opportunity to be involved in the intervention services.


All identified disabled students in the District shall be considered for participation in the State-mandated testing program for competency and proficiency testing. The consideration for participation shall be made by the IEP Team. The extent of participation in and/or exemptions from the testing shall be delineated on the student's IEP.

The Board shall take appropriate and necessary actions against any employee who knowingly and willfully violates test security rules adopted by the Department of Education for any State-mandated assessment. Likewise, the Board will take actions against any employee who knowingly and willfully violates test security rules adopted by the District for District-mandated assessments.

The Superintendent shall develop administrative procedures for test security that will maintain and ensure the integrity of District and State assessments.

The Superintendent shall develop and update as needed administrative procedures to implement this policy.

F.S. 1008.22, 1008.25, 1008.301
F.A.C. 6A-1.0943

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