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Policy Manual

3120.06 - Student Teachers and Interns

The Board encourages cooperation with State-approved colleges and universities in the training of student teachers.

Colleges and universities will work in partnership with the District to establish guidelines and procedures governing the placement of student teachers.

The Superintendent shall make the final placement of student teachers.

The supervising staff shall have had no less than three years of successful experience in the area of assignment and shall have completed necessary training, having been approved by State Development to supervise student teachers and interns.

Instructional staff members who agree to serve as supervisors of student teachers may accept honoraria or stipends directly from the college/university for those services rendered outside the regular school day and above and beyond the duties and responsibilities specified in their contracts.

The Superintendent will provide, in cooperation with appropriate colleges and universities, a practicum (field experience) program in order for selected interns to gain first-hand knowledge of and experience in a school environment.

The Superintendent may terminate the District's partnership with a college or university teacher preparation program if one or more aspects of the program are not meeting District expectations. Additionally, the Superintendent may terminate the services of an individual student teacher or intern who does not uphold the professional standards set forth by the District.

F.S. 1012.39

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