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Policy Manual

3139 - Complaints Against Instructional Staff Members

Any complaint against a member of the instructional staff shall be processed pursuant to Policy 9130, Public Complaints.

All legally sufficient complaints against an instructional staff member who holds a Florida Educator's Certificate shall be reported to the Office of Professional Standards, who, in turn, will report such complaints to the Department of Education within 30 days after the date on which the subject matter of the complaint comes to the attention of the Board or the office of the Superintendent. A complaint is legally sufficient for reporting if the subject matter of the complaint includes any of the grounds for discipline or dismissal set forth in Florida statutes.

It is the responsibility of all employees of the Board to promptly report to the Superintendent any complaint against a teacher that comes to the employee's attention and that includes grounds for the revocation or suspension of a teaching certificate.

The willful failure by an employee of the Board to promptly report a complaint shall constitute cause for discipline of the employee as provided by Florida statutes, the Hillsborough County Teacher Tenure Act, and Board policy.

F.S. 1012.795, 1012.796

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