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Policy Manual

3214 - Staff Gifts

Instructional staff members may accept gifts of nominal value from parents, students, and staff.

Instructional staff members shall not accept any form of compensation from vendors that might influence their recommendations on the eventual purchase of equipment, supplies, or services. Furthermore, instructional staff members shall not accept any compensation from a vendor after a decision has been made to purchase equipment, supplies, or services from said vendor. In addition, instructional staff members who recommend purchases shall not enter into a contractual arrangement with a vendor seeking to do business with the District, or with a vendor with whom the District is doing business, whereby an individual instructional staff member receives compensation in any form for services rendered.

Such compensation includes, but is not limited to, cash, checks, stocks, or any other form of securities, and gifts such as televisions, microwave ovens, computers, discount certificates, travel vouchers, tickets, passes, and other such things of value. In the event that an instructional staff member receives such compensation, albeit unsolicited, from a vendor, the instructional staff member shall notify the Chief Financial Officer, in writing, that the instructional staff member received such compensation and shall thereafter promptly transmit said compensation to the Chief Financial Officer.

F.S. 112.313

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