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Policy Manual

3231.01 - Research and Publishing



Instructional staff members are encouraged to contribute articles to professional publications and to engage in approved professional research.



Materials that are considered for publication and/or production, which identify the District in any manner, shall be cleared with the Superintendent prior to publication and/or production.



Publications and productions shall be subject to the following copyright provisions:



Rights to copyrights or patents of books, materials, devices, etc. developed by employees on their own time will be relinquished by the Board upon request of the employee provided that



the books, materials, devices, etc. were prepared without the use of Board data, facilities, and/or equipment;



the Board is granted the privilege of purchasing the materials or products free of any copyright or royalty charges; and



the employee does not become involved in any way in the selling of the product to the Board.


The final decision regarding whether materials were produced independent of any work assignment, and/or without using school equipment, facilities, data, or equipment rests with the Superintendent.


Employees who desire to publish or produce materials on their own time should make such action known to the Superintendent prior to the time such work is started in order that proper procedures can be established to assure that Board interests and the interests of the employee are protected.

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