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Policy Manual

5223 - Absences for Religious Instruction

It is the policy of the Board to cooperate with those parents who wish to provide for religious instruction for their children but also recognizes its responsibility to enforce the attendance requirements set forth in the State-mandated Student Progression Plan.

Upon receipt of a signed, written request (Form 5223 F1) from the parent/guardian or adult student, the Board will grant permission and allow exceptions to the student's attendance at school for religious instruction outside the school building by a religious group, church, or denomination. The signed, written request shall include the following:

  A. A statement attesting that the religious instruction is not provided at a time that does not conflict with the student's attendance at school


  B. A statement of acceptance by the parent/guardian or adult student for any liability that might arise as a result of the student's conduct while on this release


  C. A statement indemnifying and holding harmless the District and District personnel for any liability arising from conduct by the student that does not occur on property under the District's control


Upon receipt of the signed, written request and provided the religious group, church, or denomination responsible for the religious instruction submits evidence, in writing, of the student's registration for religious instruction as well as written weekly records documenting the student's attendance at such instruction for each day of release, the student shall be considered to have an excused absence during such release for religious instruction.

Prior to approving the request, the principal shall confirm that the student is enrolled in sufficient courses to allow for promotion or graduation and that the student's grades are adequate for promotion or graduation.

The principal may terminate the student's permission for non-attendance. The parent/guardian or adult student may appeal the principal's decision to terminate permission to the Superintendent.

The religious instruction shall be the responsibility of the religious group, church, or denomination and transportation shall be the responsibility of the parent/guardian, adult student, or the religious institution.

No solicitation for attendance at religious instruction shall be permitted on District premises. No staff member shall encourage or discourage participation in any religious instructional program.

F.S. 1003.21, 1002.20
F.A.C. 6A-1.09514

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