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Policy Manual

5225 - Absences for Religious Holidays

It is the policy of the School Board that absences from school for observance of a religious holiday or because the tenets of a student's religion forbid secular activity during a school day or portion thereof shall be excused subject to compliance with this policy.

The following religious holidays for which student absence will be excused:

  A. Rosh Hashanah


  B. Sukkot


  C. Yom Kippur


  D. Passover


  E. Shavuot


  F. Edi al-Fitr


  G. Eid al-Adha


  H. Ramadan


  I. Good Friday


  J. Orthodox Good Friday


Annually, the Superintendent shall consult with religious institutions and leaders in the community with regard to modification of the above list of religious holidays. The Board, however, is not bound by the information provided to the Superintendent by religious institutions and leaders.

The Superintendent shall establish procedures and time limits to be observed:

  A. by students, teachers, and administrators in making available to each student, so excused, an opportunity to make up any examination, study, or work assignment which has been missed;


  B. by a student's parent(s) or guardian when giving prior notice of the student's intended absence; and


  C. when giving affected students and parents an opportunity to be heard in connection with the decision not to excuse an absence on a day or portion thereof which is not included in the above list of religious holidays.


F.S. 1003.21
F.A.C. 6A-1.09514

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