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Policy Manual

5512 - Tobacco-Free Environment

For purposes of this policy, "use of tobacco" shall mean all uses of tobacco, including cigars, cigarettes, pipes, smokeless tobacco, chewing tobacco, snuff, or any other matter or substances that contain tobacco. The use of electronic, "vapor," or other substitute forms of cigarettes, clove cigarettes, or other smoking devices shall constitute the use of tobacco.

The use of tobacco within any indoor facility owned, leased, contracted for, or used by the School Board is prohibited. Furthermore, the possession of any tobacco products or tobacco paraphernalia by students on school grounds is not permitted.

In addition, the use of tobacco in an outdoor area, including a practice field, playground, athletic field, stadium, venue, and all open areas owned, leased, contracted for, or used by the Board is prohibited.

The use of tobacco by a passenger in any vehicle owned or operated by the Board, including, but not limited to, school buses, vans, trucks, station wagons, and cars, is also prohibited.

F.S. 381.84, 386.202, 386.204, 386.206, 386.212
20 U.S.C. 6081 et seq., 20 U.S.C. 7182

Revised 4/1/14

© Neola 2011

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