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Policy Manual

5610.05 - Prohibition from Extra-Curricular Activities

Participation in extra-curricular activities including interscholastic sports is a privilege and not a right.

Students found to be in violation of the zero tolerance offenses or major offenses as defined in the Code of Student Conduct and/or students currently suspended from school will be prohibited from participation in or attendance at extra-curricular activities for a period of time which in the opinion of the principal is justified. Students who are arrested or charged for off-campus matters which would have been a zero tolerance offense or a major offense had it occurred on campus may lose their privilege to participate in extra-curricular activities. Students prohibited from extra-curricular activity will not be permitted to participate in any event with the team or group. An event is defined as a game, activity, or contest. A tournament experience is considered to be a single event even though a tournament may consist of more than one game, activity, or contest.

In addition, student athletes are further subject to the Athletic Code of Conduct and may be prohibited from participating in all or part of any interscholastic sport for violations therein.

F.S. 1006.07, 1006.15, 1006.20

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