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Policy Manual

5751 - Parental Status of Students

No student, whether married or unmarried, who is otherwise eligible to attend school in the District shall be denied an educational program solely because of pregnancy, childbirth, pregnancy-related disabilities, or actual or potential parenthood.

These students and students who are parents shall receive the same educational instruction or its equivalent as other students, but may voluntarily be assigned to a class or program suited to their special needs. The District will provide information on alternative programs.

The Board reserves the right to require as a prerequisite for attendance in the regular classes of the schools and in the co-curricular and extra-curricular programs of the schools that each pregnant student present to the principal her physician's written statement that such activity will not be injurious to her health nor jeopardize her pregnancy.

Students participating in teenage parent programs are exempt from minimum attendance requirements for absences related to pregnancy or parenting but are required to make up work missed due to absence.

F.S. 1003.54

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