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Policy Manual

6105 - Authorization to Use Facsimile Signature

The School Board authorizes the Board Chair and Superintendent to prepare and utilize a facsimile signature, in lieu of their manual signature, in accordance with State law, and to affix such facsimile signature, after filing with the Department of State his/her manual signature certified by him/her under oath, to the following:

  A. any public security or instrument of conveyance, provided that at least one signature required or permitted to be placed thereon shall be manually subscribed;


  B. any instrument of payment; and/or


  C. any official order, proclamation or resolution; provided, however, that this shall not apply to the signing of legislative bills or veto messages.


The individuals specified above may affix their facsimile signature to such instruments, orders, proclamations, or resolutions so long as they continue to act as such officers/employees.

Said instruments of payment include checks, drafts, warrants, or orders for the payment, transfer, or delivery of founds, and shall be drawn on or relate to the accounts of the District with the various financial depositories/banks with which the District conducts business. The Board directs that these financial depositories/banks are authorized and requested to accept, honor, cash, pay or transfer, without limit as to the amount or without further inquiry, checks bearing the authorized signature(s) as provided by the immediately preceding paragraph whether tendered in payment of an individual obligation or deposited in the account of the District. The Chief Business Officer will provide written notice of the adoption of any facsimile signature to the depository from which funds are to be withdrawn, which notice shall include a description of the device to be used, a specimen of such facsimile signature, and a copy of this policy. Prior to use of the facsimile signature, the written approval of such depository must be obtained.

Facsimile signature is defined, by State law, to include the reproduction by engraving, imprinting, stamping, or other means of the manual signature of an authorized officer.

In order to protect the Board and its employees from loss, damage or expense occasioned by the unauthorized use of a facsimile signature, the Board directs the Superintendent to procure for the District and for the individuals identified above a surety bond in such amount as approved by its legal advisor.

The actual facsimile signature should be maintained under the care, custody and control of the Information & Technology Division and, as further precaution, all checks must be entered into the check register so that all numbers can be accounted for.

The Board Chair is further authorized, on behalf of the Board, to sign by facsimile signature employment contracts that have been duly acted upon by the Board.

F.S. 116.34 (Uniform Facsimile Signature of Public Officials Act), 1001.32(2)
F.S. 1001.41(1), 1001.43(10)

Revised 4/1/14

© Neola 2013

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