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Policy Manual

6233 - District Budgets

  A. Preparation
    The School Board will strive to budget and maintain a contingency fund balance of no less than five percent of annual revenues. The budget will be prepared using recurring estimates from existing funding sources. The budget will provide for an equitable distribution of resources.


  B. Implementation of Budget
    The budget will give the appropriations and reserves therein the force and effect of fixed appropriations. The budget will not be altered, amended or exceeded except as authorized, and in the manner required, by law and the rules of the State Board of Education. 
    The Board shall monitor the budget on a monthly basis.
    The Superintendent shall provide written notification to the Board and to the Commissioner of Education if at any time the portion of the general fund's ending fund balance not classified as restricted, committed, or nonspendable in the District's operating budget is projected to fall below projected revenues as prescribed by law.


F.S. 1001.42, 1001.43, 1011.01, 1011.051
F.A.C. 6A-1.002, 6A-1.006

Revised 4/1/14

© Neola 2008

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