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Policy Manual

6340 - Modifications and Alterations to School Buildings

The Board requires that all modifications and alterations of existing schools and school sites including additions, or demolition be approved by the Superintendent prior to implementation and be reviewed and inspected for code compliance. The following regulations shall be imposed:

  A. The Board shall approve any building alteration or site improvement which changes the function or use of the space, or which costs in excess of $25,000 or which requires expenditures of funds not previously budgeted.


  B. The Superintendent or Chief Facilities Officer may approve any building alteration or site improvement which costs no more than $25,000 and which does not significantly change the function or use of the space, subject to the formal submittal of permit documents and obtaining an installation or building permit.


  C. Any PTA or similar interest group desiring to donate a building, an addition, or perform modifications or site improvement shall obtain approval in accordance with the above.


    1. All improvements, including donations of equipment, including playground equipment, shall be approved by the principal and Chief Facilities Officer or Area Director. The principal and Chief Facilities Officer or Area Director shall consider all costs of installation and maintenance before accepting donations of equipment. All costs associated with additions, improvements, or installation of same shall be the responsibility of the group desiring such. All such donations shall become the sole property of the Board.


    2. All additions, modification to, or demolition of existing school buildings shall be subject to the requirements for permitting in accordance with District Policy 7101 - Building Permits and the Code Enforcement Office and shall comply with all District construction standards.


    3. All real property accepted by the Board shall be recorded in the financial records and the general fixed assets of the Board at fair market value or a reasonable and equitable estimate of such value on the date of acquisition. The actual cost or estimated equivalent cost of labor and/or materials donated to a capital outlay project shall also be recorded.


F.S. 1003.02, 1013.23, 1013.37, 1013.38
F.B.C. Section 104, Section 105

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