The state has directed all school districts in Florida to keep schools closed through the end of the school year due to concerns over the coronavirus.  More information is available on our Coronavirus Information page.

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Policy Manual

6440 - Cooperative Purchasing

The Board recognizes the advantages of centralized purchasing in that volume buying tends to maximize value for each dollar spent. The Board, therefore, encourages the administration to seek advantages in savings that may accrue to this District through joint agreements for the purchase of supplies, equipment, or services with the governing bodies of other governmental units.

The Board authorizes the Superintendent to negotiate such joint purchase agreements for services, supplies, and equipment which may be required from time to time and for which the Board may otherwise lawfully purchase for itself. All such agreements shall be in accordance with State law, the policies of this Board, and the dictates of sound purchasing procedures.

F.S. 1001.43, 1010.04
F.A.C. 6A-1.013

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