The state has directed all school districts in Florida to keep schools closed through the end of the school year due to concerns over the coronavirus.  More information is available on our Coronavirus Information page.

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Policy Manual

6470 - Payment of Claims

Payments for goods and services purchased by the School Board will be made only on invoices submitted by a properly approved vendor. Before the invoice is paid, the procuring department will verify the receipt of the goods or services in the amounts and quantities represented by the invoice, and will approve the invoice for payment before settlement will be made.

Payments of invoices will be deemed approved by the Board if made in accordance with applicable internal management memoranda, the provisions of this policy and the limits of delegated purchasing authority set forth in Policy 6320.

Properly authorized accounts payable will be paid promptly. Board approval of individual warrants will not be required. The Board Chair or the Superintendent will execute all warrants. Facsimile signatures may be used in accordance with Policy 6105.

F.S. 218.70 et seq., 1001.43, 1011.10

Revised 4/1/14

© Neola 2002

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