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Policy Manual

6480 - Expenditures

Expenditures from District and all other funds available for the public school program shall be authorized by law and procedures prescribed by the School Board.

  A. Expenditure of District Funds
    All expenditures of District funds will comply with all applicable laws, administrative regulations and controlling policy. No expenditure of funds will be made for any purpose prohibited, or not allowed, by law, or in any manner that does not comply with Board policies.


  B. Accounts Payable
    The payment of purchase orders, contracts, invoices, and utilities shall be made in accordance with the approved budget and pursuant to Florida statutes.


  C. Payroll Procedures


    1. No payment shall be made except to properly authorized and approved personnel and shall begin at the time employment is authorized.


    2. Payments shall be based upon a Board-adopted salary schedule for each position.


    3. Employees shall be paid on a bi-weekly basis.


    4. Salary adjustments shall be paid on subsequent payroll periods. Persons terminating shall be paid their full salary or wage balance on the regular payroll period following their termination. An extreme exception must be approved by the Superintendent or designated representative in writing.


    5. Principals and department heads shall be responsible for submitting accurate payroll records in accordance with established time schedules and procedures.


    6. Employees shall be paid by direct deposit.


  D. Overtime Payment


    1. Authorization to work overtime must be by prior approval of the Superintendent.


    2. Overtime payment will be paid as required by law and Board policy.


F.S. 1001.43, 1001.51, 1012.22
F.A.C. 6A-1.014

Revised 4/1/14

© Neola 2002

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