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Policy Manual

7101 - Building Permits and the Code Enforcement Office

The Board recognizes that Florida law and regulations require plans for all new buildings, additions, modifications to or demolition of existing buildings be reviewed and inspected for compliance with adopted building codes and standards. The Board is required to establish a Building Code Manager's Office for the purpose of code enforcement and to employ a Building Code Manager (BCM) and/or subcontract for code enforcement services. The approved project plans will be reviewed for building and fire code compliance, permits issued, and the work inspected. Two types of permits will be issued: an annual facility maintenance permits and building permits.

  A. Annual Facility Maintenance Permits
    The District will issue an annual facility maintenance permit, applicable to all schools and facilities, to facilitate routine maintenance, emergency repairs, building refurbishment, and minor renovations of systems or equipment. Qualifiers for this type of permit will be the General Manager of Maintenance and/or General Manager of Construction and/or designee. The amount expended per maintenance project may not exceed $200,000. The facility maintenance permit is valid for one year. A detailed log of alterations and inspections must be maintained and submitted to the BCM annually, upon request. The BCM retains the right to make inspections at the facility site as deemed necessary.


  B. Building Permits
    Building permits are required for new construction, additions, remodeling, renovations, site work, structural modifications, major mechanical and electrical upgrades, roofing, re-roofing, and demolition. District project managers and/or their contractors, architects, or engineers will submit application for a permit to the Office of the Building Code Manager. District project managers will have final construction documents reviewed by properly licensed personnel as required by F.S. 1013.38. Upon review by the BCM, and after satisfactory correction of the documents, where needed, a permit will be issued and work inspected. When the work is deemed substantially complete, the BCM will process the Certificate of Occupancy.


  C. Design Services
    The Board or volunteer service organization (including parent groups, booster clubs, etc.) desiring to perform building improvements, construction, repair, modifications, or demolition of Board-owned property shall submit construction documents (drawings and/or specifications) signed and sealed by a registered Florida architect and/or engineer for review and approval and shall obtain a building permit for construction when required by applicable building codes. Permitted projects, after proper inspection and completion, shall be certified for occupancy, re-occupancy, or completion as required by State Requirements for Educational Facilities.
    Board approved projects will be governed by the established District construction and building code management standards. Volunteer project sponsor(s) will execute a standard partnership agreement for project approval prior to commencement of work.


  D. Contractors
    All construction on Board-owned property including volunteer or service organization projects shall be performed by State-certified or licensed general contractors and subcontractors, licensed building contractors, specialty contractors, or locally registered subcontractors or specialty contractors where their registration is valid as required by State Requirements for Educational Facilities. Construction shall follow approved processes as described under Florida statute.


F.S. 1013.37, 1013.38
F.A.C. 104.1.1

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