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Policy Manual

7110 - Student Accommodations

The Board recognizes the need to define the criteria for implementation of alternatives for student housing when funding for new facilities, including additions, is limited or not available.

For purposes of this policy, the following definitions apply:

  A. Design Capacity
    Design capacity is the maximum number of students eligible to be housed at the school based upon State of Florida Inventory of School Houses (FISH) standards applied to permanent on-site facilities scheduled on a traditional calendar.


  B. Enrollment Statistic
    The enrollment statistic used to determine percent capacity at a particular school is based upon actual District 40th day student enrollment of the current school year for those students whose address specifies attendance at the school in question.


All Schools

When a school reaches 100% design capacity and students cannot be adequately housed in the permanent, on-site facilities, students in impacted grades are

  A. assigned and transported (if eligible) to other schools with space available in the specified grades; and/or


  B. new boundary lines (attendance zones) are drawn redistributing students to schools with space available; and/or


  C. students are scheduled for an extended day; and/or


  D. temporary classrooms are provided within the constraints of available District facilities.


Other techniques as outlined in the FDOE Toolbox may be considered and applied when appropriate, subject to any required Board approval.

F.S. 1013.37, 1013.45

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