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Policy Manual

7230 - Gifts to the School District

The Superintendent is authorized to accept gifts or donations of money, equipment, supplies, and materials on behalf of the Board. The Superintendent may accept the terms and conditions of any such gift or donation as deemed appropriate and shall have the discretion to accept or deny the gift or donation on the basis of those terms and conditions. Lists of such gifts or donations shall be compiled semi-annually.

Any equipment donated to the District may not be repaired or maintained until it has been formally accepted.

The District may accept donations of technology equipment if there is a District need provided the equipment meets the District's posted minimum donation standard and is in working order.

If a donor does not specify how the gift or donation is to be used, the use shall then be at the discretion of the principal or director.

At the Superintendent’s discretion, a gift or donation may be presented to or recognized by the Board.

Permanent structures shall have utilitarian value in the operation of the school.

The Board shall not accept a gift of art unless the cost of installation, operation, and maintenance is consistent with the value of the gift to the school. This gift will require approval of a committee approved by the Superintendent and shall include at least one person trained in the field of art.

Articles of equipment donated to the schools by individuals, groups, or organizations may be accepted if they contribute to the operation of the school program and shall be administered in accordance with District policies and procedures. Any such gift conveying title shall be submitted to the Board for individual acceptance. Donors shall be notified that the title of this gift shall be in the name of the Board.

The Superintendent shall develop and update administrative procedures as necessary to implement this policy.

F.S. 112.312, 1001.32(2), 1001.41, 1001.42, 1001.43

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