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Policy Manual

7240 - Site Acquisition and Disposal of Real Property

All actions involving the acquisition or disposal of real property for the Board, including but not limited to the joint-use and lease of real property, shall be conducted by the Superintendent.

The Board authorizes the Superintendent to take all necessary actions for land use changes, zoning requests, permits, special exception uses, annexation, and any other related activities.

The Superintendent shall maintain accurate and complete records on each property owned or leased by or to the Board, including but not limited to all appraisals, offers, counter offers, contracts and agreements, evidence of title, surveys, and applicable permits.

All methods of property acquisition shall be considered including the use of eminent domain. Procedures consistent with Florida statutes and the State Requirements for Educational Facilities (SREF) shall be established by the Superintendent for all real property acquisitions and/or dispositions by the Board.

The Superintendent shall coordinate site selection with the local governmental bodies consistent with Florida statutes and in accordance with each Interlocal Agreement for Planning, Siting, and Concurrency between the Board and applicable local governments.

The Superintendent shall present properties under consideration for new school construction, expansion of an existing site or for ancillary facilities to the Board with recommendation for site selection and approval. Discussion of possible school sites may be held in an executive session of the Board, but all official actions must be taken in an open, public meeting. Official Board action is required to execute a valid contract and a record of that action must be a part of the minutes of the Board. The Superintendent shall obtain written appraisal(s) for each purchase consistent with Florida statutes.

The Board may enter into joint use agreements with other governmental agencies for the cooperative and best use of public facilities. A standard lease/joint use agreement will be developed to provide guidelines as to acceptable terms and conditions for such joint use.

The Superintendent is authorized to dispose of real property if it is determined that the real property is deemed unnecessary for educational purposes pursuant to procedures consistent with Florida statutes and the State Requirements of Educational Facilities (SREF).

F.S. 1013.14

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