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Policy Manual

7300 - Property Custodianship

All real and tangible personal property shall become the direct responsibility of the Superintendent, including its care, custody, safekeeping, and accounting of all property.

The Superintendent shall cause to be established such procedures and measures necessary to provide accurate information in regard to the nature, condition, location, and value of all major school property to safeguard tangible school property against undue damage or loss depreciation; to attempt to recover and restore to useful service any tangible school property which may be lost, stolen, or damaged; and to do all other things necessary to insure the proper maintenance and safekeeping of school property.

The Superintendent shall place in operation procedures that include those services and activities which ensure that students may attend school without sanitation or physical hazards and provide for necessary heat, lights, water, power, and other supplies and utilities necessary for the operation of the schools.

The Superintendent shall place into operation procedures for preserving and keeping the building, grounds, and equipment in a satisfactory state of maintenance, and which include repairs, replacements, renovations, and adjustments.

F. S. 1001.42, 1001.51

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