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Policy Manual

7310 - Disposition of Surplus Property

The Board requires the Superintendent to review periodically the property of the District and to dispose of that material and equipment which is no longer usable in accordance with the terms of this policy.

  A. Instructional Material
    The District shall review instructional materials (i.e. textbooks, library books, manuals, support materials, etc.) at regular intervals to determine the relevance of such materials to the present world and current instructional programs. The following criteria will be used to review instructional materials for redistribution and possible disposal:


    1. Concepts or content that do not support the current goals of the curriculum


    2. Information that may not be current


    3. Condition worn beyond salvage


  B. Equipment
    The District shall inspect periodically the equipment used in the instructional program to determine the condition and usability of such equipment in the current educational program. Should the equipment be deemed no longer serviceable or usable, the following criteria will be used to determine possible disposal:


    1. Repair parts for the equipment no longer readily available


    2. Repair records indicate equipment is beyond economical repair


    3. Obsolete and/or no longer contributing to the educational program


    4. Some potential for sale at a public auction


    5. Creates a safety or environmental hazard


  C. Disposition
    Upon the recommendation of the Superintendent, the Board will approve the disposition of obsolete instructional and other property by sale to the highest bidder, by donation to appropriate parties, or by proper waste removal. Disposal of surplus property purchased with Federal funds shall be disposed of in accordance with Federal procedures.


F.S. 274, 1006.44

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