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Policy Manual

8660 - Transporting Students by Private Vehicle

The School Board shall use school buses, as defined in Florida statutes, for all regular transportation of students, pre-kindergarten through grade 12.

For purposes of this policy, "regular transportation" or "regular use" means transportation to and from school or school-related activities which are part of a scheduled series or sequence of events to the same location.

Regular transportation of students in motor vehicles other than school buses may occur only under the following conditions:

  A. when transportation is for a physically handicapped or isolated student and the Board has entered into a written agreement for the transportation of the student;


  B. when the transportation is part of a comprehensive contract for a specialized educational program between the Board and a service provider for instruction, transportation, and other services;


  C. when the transportation is provided through a public transit system;


  D. when the transportation of students is necessary or practical in a Board owned or commercially leased passenger car not to exceed seven students in designated seating positions.


Except as provided above, the transportation of students in private vehicles may be authorized by the principal on a case-by-case basis only under the following conditions:

  A. When a student is ill or injured and must be taken home or to a medical treatment facility under non-emergency circumstances and


    1. the school has been unable to contact the student's parent or guardian, or such parent, guardian, or responsible adult designated by the parent or guardian is not available to provide the transportation; and


    2. proper adult supervision of the student is available at the location to which the student is being transported; and


    3. the transportation is approved by the school principal or designee; and


    4. if the school had been unable to contact the parent or guardian prior to the transportation, the school continues to attempt to contact the parent or guardian until the school is able to notify the parent or guardian of the transportation and the circumstances.


  B. When the transportation is in connection with a school function or event in which the school has undertaken to participate and


    1. the function is a single event which is not part of a scheduled series or sequence of events to the same location; such as, but not limited to, a field trip, recreational outing, a competitive or cooperative event, or an event connected to an educational program; and


    2. transportation is not available, as a practical matter, using a school bus or Board passenger car; and


    3. each student's parent or guardian is notified in writing about the transportation arrangement and gives written consent before a student is transported in a private vehicle.


  C. When Board employees are required to use their own vehicle to perform duties of employment and such duties include the occasional transportation of students.


Any private vehicle used to transport students under this policy shall be currently registered in the State of Florida, be insured for personal injury protection and property damage liability in at least the minimum amounts required by law, and be in good working order. A Board employee, parent, or other adult wishing to transport students in a private vehicle will request approval by submitting his/her driver's license, vehicle registration, and insurance ID card along with the completed Form 8660 F1 to the principal in a reasonable amount of time before the planned travel. The principal will follow the established procedure to determine whether approval of the request to transport students in a private vehicle is appropriate.

Student transportation in private vehicles may only be authorized for trips within the State of Florida. When transportation is authorized in a private vehicle, students may only be required to use the occupant crash protection system provided by the vehicle manufacturer. A student who is transported to an activity in a private vehicle approved under this policy shall return from the activity in the same vehicle, unless the student is released to his/her parent.

Board employees will be covered by the Board's liability program when they are transporting students as part of their assigned or related duties. Benefits due from private vehicle insurance will be primary, except for workers' compensation, in accordance with State law.

Parents or other adults are not covered by the Board's liability program when they are transporting students and, therefore, must have adequate insurance during the time that the vehicle is being used to transport students.

Notwithstanding any other provision of this policy, in an emergency situation that constitutes an imminent threat to student health or safety, school personnel may take whatever action is necessary under the circumstances to protect students.

F.S. 1006.22

Revised 4/1/14

© Neola 2010

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