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Policy Manual

9700 - Relationships with Special Interest Groups

Any request from civic institutions, charitable organizations, or special interest groups which involve such activities as patriotic functions, contests, exhibits, sales of products to and by students, sending promotional materials home with students, graduation prizes, fund raising, and free teaching materials must be carefully reviewed to ensure that such activities promote student interests.

It is the policy of the Board that students, staff members, and District facilities not be used for promoting the interests of any nonschool agency or organization, public or private, without the approval of the Superintendent; and any such approval, granted for whatever cause or group, shall not be construed as an endorsement of said cause or group by the District.

  A. Political Interests
    All materials or activities proposed by outside political sources for student or staff use or participation shall be reviewed by the Superintendent on the basis of their educational contribution to part or all of the school program and/or benefit to students. No such approval shall have the primary purpose of advancing the special interest of the proposing group.
    The Board shall not permit the use of any type of educational material, program, or equipment in its curricular, co-curricular, or extra-curricular activities or at any time during the school day if such materials, program, or equipment contain partisan political or commercial messages.
    School facilities or equipment may not be used as a means of producing or disseminating to the community any materials that advertise or promote a political party, a political cause or the candidacy of an individual for public office. Students and employees of the Board shall not be used to distribute campaign literature within the schools or on school grounds.
    Outside speakers representing commercial organizations will be welcome only when the commercial aspect is limited to naming the organization represented and the subject matter advances the educational aims of the District.


  B. Contests/Exhibits
    Schools will not participate in contests sponsored by non-school organizations unless such participation has been approved by the Superintendent.


  C. Distribution/Posting of Literature
    No outside organization or staff member representing an outside organization may distribute or post literature on that organization's behalf on District property either during or after school hours without the permission and prior review of the Superintendent. The Board reserves the right to designate and prohibit the distribution of materials that: 1) are grossly prejudicial to an ethnic, religious, racial, or other delineated group; 2) libel any specific person or persons; 3) advocate or advertise the use or availability of any substance or material which could constitute a direct and substantial danger to the health of students; 4) are obscene or contain obscenity or material otherwise deemed to be harmful to the students who may receive them; 5) incite, urge, or advocate violence, the use of force, or violation of law or school regulations; or 6) contain any material or treat any subject which is not appropriate for the school in which they are to be distributed.
    The Superintendent shall establish administrative procedures which require that


    1. the District or the school mail system is not used by the community or staff for distribution of nonschool-related materials unless authorized by the Superintendent.


    2. no materials from any profit-making organization are distributed for students to take home to their parents unless authorized by the Superintendent.


    3. flyers and notices from outside organizations may only be made available for parent review in the community resource notebook that is maintained in the school building's office under the following circumstances:


      a. The flyer/notice publicizes a specific community activity or event is age-appropriate for the students that attend the school.


      b. The organization submits the appropriate number of copies of the approved flyer to be placed in the community resource notebook;


      c. No student shall be required to take any flyer or notice approved for placement in the community resource notebook. The community resource notebook shall contain a clear notice that the Board does not support or endorse any of the organizations and/or activities/events identified in the flyers/notices.


  D. Solicitation of Funds
    Any outside organization or staff member representing an outside organization desiring to solicit funds on school property must receive permission to do so from the Superintendent.
    Permission to solicit funds will be granted only to those organizations or individuals who meet the permission criteria established in the District's administrative procedures. Solicitation must take place at such times and places and in such a manner as specified in the administrative procedures. In accordance with Board Policy 5830 - Student Fund-Raising no District student may participate in the solicitation without the Superintendent's approval.


  E. Prizes/Scholarship
    The Board is appreciative of the generosity of organizations which offer scholarships or prizes to deserving students in this District. But, in accepting the offer of such scholarships or prizes, the Board directs that these procedures be observed:


    1. No information either academic or personal shall be released from the student's record for the purpose of selecting a scholarship or prize winner without the permission of the student who is eighteen (18), or the parents of a student who is younger in accordance with the Board's Policy 8330 - Student Records.


    2. The principal, together with a committee of staff members designated by the principal, may be involved in the selection of the recipient and, if agreeable to the sponsoring organization, the selection shall be left entirely to the principal and staff committee.


  F. Surveys and Questionnaires
    Neither District-related nor nondistrict-related organizations shall be allowed to administer a survey or questionnaire to students or staff unless the instrument and the proposed plan is submitted, in advance, to the Superintendent. If approved, a copy of the results and the proposed manner of their communication are to be provided to the Superintendent for review and approval before they are released.
    See also Policy 2416 - Student Privacy and Parental Access to Information and AP 2416.


F.S. 1013.10

Revised 6/11/13

© Neola 2007

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