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Policy Manual

7310 - Disposal of Surplus Property

The Site Administrator must ensure the proper disposal of all District property in accordance with District policies and procedures. When the District property to be disposed was purchased with Title I/Migrant funds, the Site Administrator shall contact the Title I Property Office prior to disposal.

If it is determined that the property in question is surplus, a SB-00126 transfer form must be completed and submitted. The Administrator of the department that repairs the particular type of equipment will determine if the item can be used elsewhere (Title I/Migrant must have approval from the Title I Office prior to any status change), if it is obsolete or surplus, or if it is to be cannibalized or junked.

Public auctions will be held periodically to dispose of obsolete/surplus property.


Only District repair facilities can determine if an item is to be cannibalized or junked. A District repair facility may initiate a SB-00126 transfer and the repair facility administrator sign that the items have been junked through the appropriate disposal facility. These forms must be submitted to the Property Control Department. Property that is to be cannibalized or junked must have School Board approval.

Conversion of Property

A site may determine that an asset can be better utilized in a manner other than its intended use. In a computer repair class, an obsolete computer may serve a better purpose as individual parts for display. This conversion of property to an instructional material will require approval from the appropriate District repair facility. If the District repair facility agrees with its new intended use, the Site Administrator must submit a SB-00126 transfer form. The District repair facility will approve the item as obsolete/junk and forward the SB-00126 transfer form to the Property Control Department for processing and removal from the District's Lawson Asset Management.

Removal of Sensitive or Confidential Information from Storage Devices

The site must ensure that surplus or obsolete property (including desks, file cabinets, etc.) does not contain personal, sensitive, or confidential information on students or staff.

Sensitive or confidential information must be removed from all electronic and recording devices, and photographic equipment, such as computers (hard drives), routers, printers, copiers, still cameras, movie cameras, digital cameras, fax machines, video cameras, and other imaging devices.

Sensitive or confidential information must be deleted from storage mediums such as film, memory cards, diskettes, audio and videotapes and CD/DVDs.

Approved 5/18/12

© Hillsborough 2012

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