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Policy Manual

5410 - Student Progression

The Board shall provide for the placement, acceleration, and progression of students through adopted student progression plans. These plans shall include but not be limited to the following:

  A. Criteria for placement, promotion, acceleration, and retention at the elementary, middle, and senior high school levels during the regular school year (180 days)

  B. Extended school year program which provides academic instruction for students in need of enrichment, remediation, and/or grade enhancement, or maintaining or advancing proficiency in exceptional education programs

  C. Adult education programs in which eligible students may enroll to earn high school credits toward graduation or for high school graduation in the adult education program

  D. Dual or early entrance to postsecondary institutions to earn credit toward high school graduation

  E. High school equivalency tests such as the examinations and credit by examination as approved by the State Department of Education

  F. Compliance with State Board of Education minimum performance standards

  G. Florida and Hillsborough (K-12) on-line courses for credit and possible diploma

F.S. 1003.4156, 1008.25


Revised - HCPS - October 28, 2014

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