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Policy Manual

1220 - Evaluation of Administrative Personnel

Each administrator shall be evaluated annually by the administrator's immediate supervisor utilizing the approved evaluation system. The purpose of this performance evaluation shall be continuous quality improvement of the professional skills of each administrator as they relate to supporting effective instruction and student learning growth.

As set forth in State law, the performance evaluation of a school administrator must be based on data and indicators of student learning growth assessed annually by statewide assessments for the students assigned to that administrator’s school or, for subjects and grade levels not measured by Statewide assessments, by School District assessments as provided in F.S. 1008.22(8). For administrators for whom at least three years of growth data for students assigned to the school, the percentage of the evaluation that is based upon student learning growth shall be reduced to not less than forty percent (40%) as provided by State law.

The evaluation criteria for each administrator’s annual evaluation must include, but are not limited to, the following:

  A. student performance, as described above;


  B. instructional leadership that is based upon each of the leadership standards adopted by the State Board of Education, including:


    1. performance measures related to the effectiveness of classroom teachers in the school;


    2. the administrator’s appropriate and effective use of evaluation criteria and procedures;


    3. recruitment and retention of effective and highly effective classroom teachers;


    4. improvement in the percentage of instructional personnel evaluated at the highly effective and effective level; and


    5. other leadership practices that result in student learning growth;


  C. professional and job responsibilities adopted by the State Board, as well as additional professional and job responsibilities established by the Board.


Lastly, each evaluation shall relate, but not be limited, to the duties specified in the job description.

The evaluation shall be completed and on file in accordance with the time schedule established by the Superintendent. The written report of the evaluation must be on file, as well as provided to the employee, within ten days of the evaluation conference; however, the evaluator may amend an evaluation based upon assessment data from the current year if the data becomes available within ninety (90) days after the close of the school year.

An evaluation shall be submitted at the time an administrator leaves the District if services terminate prior to annual evaluations.

Administrators may be required to take recognized examinations as the Superintendent or designee deems necessary to evaluate their health, competence, and/or performance. Refusal to take required examination(s) shall be grounds for immediate dismissal. The Board shall pay the cost of the examination(s).

An administrator shall be given a copy of any documents relating to his/her performance which are to be placed in the personnel file.

The Superintendent shall annually report the evaluation results of school administrators using the four levels of performance set forth in State law to the FLDOE. The Superintendent shall also notify the FLDOE of any school administrators who receive two consecutive unsatisfactory evaluations, as well as any school administrators who are given written notice by the District of intent to terminate or not renew their employment.

The administrator assessment system shall be evaluated annually to determine compliance with State law and this policy. All substantial revisions to an approved system shall be approved by the Board, upon the recommendation of the Superintendent, before being submitted to the Florida Department of Education for approval.

F.S. 1012.22, 1012.34, 1012.986

Revised 4/1/14

© Neola 2011

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